Have you ever eaten Runescape Easter Eggs

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It is interesting that there are runescape Easter eggs in runescape . Though I have not played them ,I still have an interested in them.I find some details about them .

We all know that Easter Day,maybe there are some relations between Easter eggs and the festival.It is said that Easter eggs in Runescape were dropped during the 2002 Easter event on the 20 April 2002. Just like pumpkins, the eggs involved in the 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Runescape Easter eggs are edible and they heal 200 to 900 lifepoints when consumed, depending on your Constitution level.

Players are strongly advised to refrain from eating these holiday items, as they are rare and extremely valuable. Jagex has now added a warning message that appears if you attempt to eat it. Ghasts can rot Easter Eggs, and the player is not warned of this before entering the area.I really think this is an interesting thing,what is your opinions about this ? My dear friends.

Note that these items should not be confused with the Chocolate Eggs that were given as a reward during the 2008 Easter event, as they are two completely different items. Easter eggs were often thought of as useless; and because of this fewer were kept, more were carelessly eaten and more were purposely eaten.I have never eaten this kind of eggs,so I don’t know the result of this behavior.All in all,runescape is an cool game,it is an magic world where we can explore freely.

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